Sheepskin’s properties make our product durable and safe for use in the home, not to mention:

  • Wool is soft wool products offer a sumptuous softness and tactile appeal.
  • Wool stays clean wool fibres retain a natural oil that resists dirt and grease.
  • Wool resists odours wool’s natural oils are resistent to cooking smells and household odours.
  • Wools retains it’s shape wool fibres bend and recover their shape naturally, retaining their lush bounce.
  • Wool is hard to burn wool fibre is flame retardant up to 600º C.
  • Wool is hypoallergenic wool doesn’t cause allergies.
  • Wool adjusts to the climate wool is warm in cool conditions and cool in warm conditions.
  • Wool is sustainable woolskins are the product of sustainable farming practices and biodegrade.


All of our products are made with the softest, most luxurious 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, wool and lambskin.
They have also been printed with GOTS approved dyes that are free from toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

Buying HUSLIG is a better choice for the environment, for farmers, your home and a softer and safer choice for your little one.

Ethically Sourced

All hides we sell in HUSLIG Interiors store are available because of the meat industry.

All our hides are simply Bi Products of this industry as with all leather goods such as shoes, belts, bags, and many other products that are all sourced as a Bi Products.

We have guarantees from all of our suppliers that the hides we sell come from ethically sourced high quality certificated farms. 

HUSLIG Interiors would never knowingly sell a product that had been miss-treated in any way and would not sell any hides unless they were simply a waste product. Our rugs and plaids are made from leftovers, from the fashion industry.

Design & Quality

During designing proces we aim to bring out the beauty and quality of natural wool, making it timeless and unique.
We work with the best suppliers, who are also design enthusiasts, to create one of a time pieces.
We believe the best items are handmade, and you will only find these in our store. No two pieces are the same, all made from natural materials and lovingly made by hand.